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Tax & Accounting
for Small Business

Keep more of what you make, never waste time on books & get pristine financials with Westfront Tax & Accounting.

Full Service Bookkeeping, Tax REduction Planning & Accounting

Reach New Levels of Profitability & Scalability

Most business owners don't know  that they're overpaying thousands in taxes and wasting precious staff resources because they lack an outsourced accountant.

Our Outsourced Accounting Service empowers business teams to focus while ensuring you never overpay in taxes.

Get aggressive, pro-active tax reduction planning.

Establish pristine books to scale your operations.

Get accurate, prompt management reports to run a better business.

Never waste time or resources on accounting & bookkeeping.

Get an integrated service, one team handling all your books, taxes & accounting needs.

Get CFO level guidance.

Ft. Lauderdale & MIami Florida Based Tax & accounting

We Make Running a Business & Mitigating Taxes Much Easier

We do business taxes, bookkeeping, accounting & payroll for small businesses, but we're really dedicated to helping businesses thrive.

What we really do is focus on doing everything possible to legally reduce your taxes, keep you out of trouble with the IRS, and then build a more profitable and scalable business.

Never Overpay in Taxes

Our year-long, aggressive and pro-active tax reduction planning means you'll pay the lowest taxes legally possible.

Get Top Tier Financials

We'll ensure your books & financial records are done to perfection.

Save Time & Staff Resources

Your team won't have to waste time in bookkeeping or accounting, and they can focus.

Audit Proof Your Books & Avoid IRS Problems

We know how to take advantage of every tax reduction strategy possible, while minimizing your overall risk of audit.

Get CFO Reports & Insight

We help owners & executive teams strategically target financial KPI's and improve them.

Build Tax Efficient Wealth

We help you build wealth, and do so in a tax efficient manner.  
LLC vs. S-Corp

Are You Maximizing an S-Corp for Tax Savings?

We help businesses identify whether or not they should be an S-Corp, and then we make sure they maximize the potential from an S-Corp.  Get help setting up an S-Corp in Florida or the US with Westfront Tax

The Best Value Accounting Service

Get the Tax Attention Your Small Business Deserves

Typical tax professionals have too many clients and they're unable to provide pro-active, in-depth tax reduction planning.  

We've built our business around the services that matter most to small businesses, and we're hyper-focused on delivering results that matter most.

Maximize your S-Corp & Reduce Your Self Employment Taxes

Utilize Benefits & Small Business Retirement Plans to Reduce Taxes

Identify & Utilize Tax Credits & Government Programs

Use Real Estate and Income Planning to Reduce Taxes

Who We Serve

Our Specialties

We help all sorts of small businesses in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Weston Florida area, here are some of the industries we specialize in.

Accountants for Construction

Contractors & Construction

Whether you're a general contractor, sub-contractor have multiple companies, we'll keep you focused as your construction tax accountant.

Accountants for Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Distribution

We're particularly capable with COGS accounting & bookkeeping and helping with complex inventory and distribution companies.

Accountant for Digital Professionals

Marketing & Digital Professionals

We serve digital marketing agencies, creatives, consultants, and others in the digital professions.

Accountants for Realtors & Real Estate

Real Estate & Realtors

We're a real estate accounting & tax firm helping real estate brokers, wholesalers, investors & teams.

Accountants for E-commerce & Etsy

Ecommerce Business

We're an accounting firm for ecommerce businesses, Shopify, Etsy, and Courses & More.

Accountants for Home Services Companies

Home Services

Whether you're a plumber, house cleaning company, electrician or lawn care, we help with accounting for home services companies.

Be Certain You're Not Overpaying Tax.

Tax & Accounting Weston Florida

If you're looking for a Business Accountant in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Hollywood Florida, or the Greater Miami area, Westfront has you covered.

Our Specialties:

Construction, General Contractors & Sub Contractors

Realtors, Real Estate Investors & Brokers

Ecommerce Businesses, Marketing Companies & Freelancers

Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution Companies

Second Opinion Analysis

Book a Free Tax Reduction Analysis

Connect with us and we'll analyze your accounting & tax returns to identify opportunities to lower taxes & improve your operations.

You'll love our second-opinion analysis.

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